Corrective Jaw Surgery

Corrective Jaw Surgery

Although one of our primary objectives in treatment is to achieve straight teeth, it is occasionally necessary to look more closely at the relationship between the jaws and the overall appearance of the facial profile to determine the best course of action. In our growing patients, we can often resolve any discrepancies with appliances that favorably modify the growth of the jaws. However, in our non-growing patients, orthodontics in conjunction with corrective jaw surgery may be required to restore facial balance and harmony as well as to correct problems associated with airway management, speech and chewing.

Typically, the sequence of treatment involves an initial consultation with both an orthodontist and a surgeon to determine the types of jaw movements that will be necessary to achieve the desired result. Generally, a process lasting approximately 12-14 months will be sufficient to level and align the teeth. Dr. Cranford will then schedule a face-to-face meeting with your surgeon to go over the set-up, utilizing plaster models of your teeth to ensure that you are ready for the surgical procedure.

Your surgeon will also go over important information relevant to achieving the most successful result. Your braces will remain in place during the surgery, and then following your surgery, we will spend the final months in braces to complete the detailing of your bite.

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